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Four promotional posters for Locke with their tag lines.


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Bless SPN for this scene. Bless Carver for turning the audience’s own preconceived notions on their head. Bless him for the archery symbolism that ties neatly back to not only the theme of hearts, but also Artemis whom we saw fall in love inappropriately according to the precepts of Olympus. Bless the two plaid-wearing, bearded scruffy men who are stand-ins for Hunters and Dean’s notion of über masculinity who also fall in love, but this time with heaven’s express and noteworthy nudge. Bless this rare (the cupid did say her arrows were being directed less and less frequently) and  heaven-mandated event to be one of the last things heaven does before it stops meddling in the affairs of humans. Bless this event for happening in front of Dean and Cas. Bless Cas for his nonchalance and easy acceptance and Dean’s pause of consideration. Bless this neon sign toward Destiel becoming definitively canon.

Remember when this was a thing that happened

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The Winchesters checking you out


Idk how to feel I’m blogging naked

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—-> [ 3x16 & 8x14  Hellhound-View ]

so basically, what they really look like inside

Didn’t Bobby describe that viewpoint as simply seeing hell-creatures as they truly are. Like it doesn’t make you hallucinate that normal people look different, like Dean in 3x16 sees a demon’s true face but it’s not like he hallucinates Bobby having the type hell face. Like. Look at Dean’s face. Hair grey. Decaying. Half demon half human. I’m pretty sure that is what Dean’s soul actually looks like.

DEAN’s facial expression changes as he looks at SAM. He suddenly looks very scared. The camera cuts to SAM and we see his face completely distorted, flinging to the sides at a rapid pace. Then he changes back to SAM again, showing that this was just a hallucination. 

[Later on when he sees a demon’s true face and kills him]

SAM: So what, now you’re seeing demons? 

DEAN: I’ve seen all kinds of things lately but… nothing like this. 

BOBBY: Actually it’s not all that crazy. 

DEAN: How’s it not that crazy? 

BOBBY: Well you’ve got, just over five hours to go? You’re piercing the veil, Dean. You’re glimpsing the B side. 

DEAN: A little less new age-y please. 

BOBBY: You’re almost hell’s bitch. So, you can see hell’s other bitches. 

Sam’s soul was distorted by that demon blood long before he went to the pit and that face that Dean has is the same kind of face he saw back in season 3. I know we’ve said this before, like when it happened, but Cas see demon’s true faces. Like this is the face that he sees or can easily perceive when he looks at both Sam and Dean.




I’ve realized that you can’t really hack someone’s tumblr like you can on Facebook. On Facebook you can update a status to say, “I like dick in the eyeball,” and everyone would be freaked out. On tumblr, people would be like, “yeah man me too.” Then post a gif from supernatural.


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